Updates Q3 2023

Updates in Q3

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Updates Q3 2023

Datev API integration

Never upload a file manually again. From now on everything works with just one click.

# Connect your SMACC account to DATEV

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Help us protect your data. A small change with a big impact. Use Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) because your data belongs to you! The choice is yours: Authentication via E-Mail, SMS or Authenticator App. Better safe, than sorry.

# How to: Enable Two-Factor-Authentication (2FA)

Budget Alarm

Keep your budget in mind. Set the SMACC Budget Alarm! Get notified when the budget is almost used up or even exceeded. Budget live tracker, it’s never been easier. You can use the alarm for example for cost centers, dimensions or project numbers.

# Budget alarm

Payment reminders

In SMACC you can now organize received payment reminders in an efficient way. Upload and assign to the unpaid invoice - done. Click to learn more about managing reminders in SMACC

# Payment reminders