How to process payment reminders

To process a reminder in SMACC use the following steps:

  1. upload the document
  2. if the document is not recognized as a reminder, select document type reminder
  3. select the invoices to which the reminder refers (multiple selection possible)
  4. add data if they are missing
  5. Click save

Note: The amount refers only to dunning fees. If no fees are included, enter 0.00.

The reminder is processed in the responsible approval workflow.

Disable approval for dunning letters without dunning fee

You can process dunning letters with dunning fee and without dunning fee in SMACC. If you don’t want to approve dunning letters without dunning fee set this setting in your approval process.

  1. open the company settings (main menu/client)
  2. select approval processes
  3. activate auto approval of reminders (only if the amount of the reminder is 0,00)