Vendor master database

During onboarding, their existing supplier master data is imported into the SMACC tool. The maintenance and extension of the database can be automated. SMACC recognizes the data of the sender on the invoices. A matching is performed to see if this sender can already be found in the list of existing suppliers. If the sender is not yet in the list, it can be added with one click. All data of the sender are automatically transferred into a supplier profile.

Supplier is created multiple times

According to the standard SMACC supplier setting, each supplier may only be created once. If you try to create the supplier again, an error message will be displayed. This can be used to prevent duplicate creation of suppliers. For this check essential data points like VAT ID, tax number, bank details are used. Thus, the supplier can not be accidentally created twice, even with different naming (shortcuts).

Allow double creation of suppliers

In some accounting software the double creation of suppliers is necessary. For example, if the supplier issues his invoices in different currencies (one supplier account for each currency) or if the supplier has several bank accounts and the invoices must be sent to a specific bank account. Specify which values may be used twice:

  1. Open the supplier settings (main menu/suppliers).

  2. Scroll down to Unique fields suppliers

  3. Select the desired values Fields that are unique for a creditor. If e.g. “Name” is selected, one may not create 2 suppliers with the same name.

  4. Click Save