Send/Upload documents to SMACC tool

Ways to upload invoices:

Direct Upload:
Log in to SMACC & upload invoices directly.Invoices must be saved on your local for this to work.

Email Upload:
You can forward invoices you have received via email directly to your SMACC Upload email address.You do not need to download the invoice first for this.

You can scan paper invoices and send them directly to the SMACC tool. In most cases, the “Scan to E-Mail” function is suitable for this (available on most scanning devices). If you scan a lot of invoices with a high number of pages, you may want to set up an SFTP connection. We will be happy to help you decide which solution is right for you.

Upload conditions

Format: PDF Size: maximum 100MB per file

Note: There can only be one complete invoice in a file at a time. There is no separation or attach available after upload.

Invoice upload Processing
Multiple files in one email Yes
Multiple files directly uploaded Yes
Several files in one zip folder Yes
Photographed invoices (.jpg, .png, and others) No processing
Invoices in Word or Excel formats (.doc, .xlsx, .csv,and others) No processing
Invoices upside down Not recommended
Handwritten invoices Yes
Invoices in Cyrillic or Chinese characters? No. Processing currently only in Latin characters

How to: Upload invoices via direct upload

  1. Click Upload files and documents.
  2. Select one or multiple files for upload. You can either drag and drop files here or use the ‘upload file button’
  3. Optional: Select for which workflow the document is
  4. Click Upload files
  5. Read information if upload was successful. Confirm with done.

How to: Upload invoice to the tool by email

To upload an invoice by email you need to know your SMACC upload address. If you do not have the email address you can find it here: (main menu/Workflow e-mails)

  1. Open a new message in your email applications or click forward on an invoice received by email.
  2. Add the invoice as an attachment or check if the attachment is still there when you forward it.
  3. Enter your SMACC Upload email address as recipient
  4. Click send

Note: If you have created an upload address for each of your workflows, make sure you send your invoice to the correct address.

How to: Upload invoice per scan

  1. Save your SMACC upload address in your address book in the scanner.
  2. Click on Scan to email
  3. Insert your invoice
  4. Click on send to address book/selection

These steps may vary depending on the scanner device, please refer to the user manual of your device or contact the support of the manufacturer.

Note: That your scanner needs to be connected to the Internet for this.

How to: Upload invoice per scan / SFTP

We are happy to help you, contact our customer service for more details on how to set up.