How do invoices get into the correct workflow?

You have several workflows and want to automate the invoices to the right workflow? Here you will learn how to connect your invoices to the correct workflow.

Note: You can also use the following options in combination.

Process 1: You definitely have a certain amount of recurring invoices. Invoices from suppliers that you receive every month. A good example is subscription invoices or invoices like the phone invoice, office cleaning invoices or even costs for apps like SMACC.

If you set the workflow for these suppliers (senders of the invoices) in the profile, you will never have to assign them manually again. Go to the supplier profile and specify a standard workflow.

  1. Open the supplier profil (Main menu/Supplier)
  2. Find the supplier and click on his name
  3. Select Default approval flow
  4. Select the default workflow
  5. Click Save

Process 2: Control the mapping of the invoices with the workflows using the email recipient.

You can set up multiple upload recipient addresses and define a workflow for each one. If an invoice is sent to this email address, it will automatically be assigned to the workflow. How to set up the workflow emails you can read here:

# Workflow emails

Process 3: If you or your users use direct upload often, there is a solution here as well. Select the workflow directly when uploading.

  1. Click upload
  2. Select one or multiple files for upload. You can either drag and drop files here or use the ‘upload file button’
  3. Select Approval Workflow

note: The selection refers to all documents that you upload at the same time. If you want to send some invoices in workflow 1 and others in workflow 2, upload them separately and select the workflow for each.