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SMACC allows you faster and more reliable invoice processing with built-in AI. With SMACC, you can easily implement digitalization and standardization in your company with one single tool. Stay on track with your financials and processes, in real time.

How does AI help me with my finances and documents?

Automated invoice data capture of 30 invoice data fields and item information with the latest machine learning and AI provides market leading capture automation You don't need to create complex templates for the invoices. SMACC even extract unprecedented invoices. If something is not extract, you can easily add or change data. This form of extraction saves you a tremendous amount of time, which your employees can use for other more important tasks.

Benefit from built-in AI automation for entering financial accounts and from user-defined attributes and data fields. Once you have processed a certain number of documents and their financial accounts, SMACC is able to provide you with account assignment proposals for new invoices, thanks to AI.


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Data Extraction

AI-enabled data-capturing

Learn more about how the extraction works and which data fields are extracted. Without creating a template before.


Rule-based accounting

Automate accounting with rules

AI helps us to recognize complex information and understand contexts. For the simple things, you can create rules on how your invoices should be processed.


Account assignment with AI

Account assignment proposals

Learn more about how to generate account assignment proposals using AI and how this will help you in your accounting.



Standardizing processes

Create approval processes that work for you, easily. You can trust that all steps are followed.


Payment run

Pay invoices when they are due

Pay invoices, overview due dates and take advantage of discounts. Find out how SMACC can help you.


Supplier Management

Database of your suppliers

Manage existing suppliers and new ones. Master data from the invoice is added to the supplier profile. So you are always up to date.


Document Management

All documents in one place

One of the most modern document management systems (DMS) built to intelligently organize your financial documents and enable smart searches.



Some tasks cannot wait

Because some things can't wait, so your users can activate a substitute. A user can also be represented by several colleagues.


User Management

View permissions & roles

Control which user can use which functions via role assignment and what he is allowed to see via view authorization.

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Simple Pricing

Easy pricing means no suprises.

199 €/mo

For low budget & small businesses

  • Upload 50 free documents
  • 1 user included
  • Set up 1 company
  • Email support
399 €/mo

For medium budget companies

  • Upload 500 free documents
  • 5 users included
  • Up to 3 companies
  • Email support
599 €/mo

High budget companies and international corporations

  • Upload 1.000 free documents
  • 10 users included
  • Up to 3 companies
  • Email support

Need a customized plan? Contact us directly and we can work with you to craft a plan that fits your company's specific needs.

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