"Our Sundays were bookkeeping Sundays. With SMACC, Sundays are for the family again."

Sarah Mundanjohl, Owner


Our Customer

Meterwerk very successfully sells organic fabrics for kids clothing in Germany and increasingly internationally. The company has a store in the old city center of Augsburg, Germany but business has shifted to online direct sales over the last couple of years. The company has currently two employees.

The Challenge

The owner’s husband took care of the entire bookkeeping while the owner took care of the everyday purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash process. With growing business volume, launch of the e-commerce shop, and increasing international business in sourcing but also from customer side increasingly overwhelmed the couple. Timely payment of accounts payable was an issue. Weekends went into paperwork and the couples three kids had too little time with their parents.

The Solution

SMACC took over bookkeeping, digitized and automated the financial tasks completely. The quarterly tax reports were taken over by a tax advisor from SMACC’s tax advisor network. Most of the incoming invoices and receipts were already received by e-mail and get forwarded to SMACC. The SMACC scanner is used for the remaining paper-based invoices and expense receipts. The Magento shop system is directly integrated with SMACC to automated forwarding of outgoing invoices. Implementation took less than a day.

The Benefits

Bookkeeping time has been reduced to a couple of hours per month that can be easily done during working hours. No more weekends and no more (unwanted) missed due dates.