The Accounting Revolution

Ongoing accounting that is fun?

Most people who struggle through mountains of receipts at the end of every month are likely to consider the idea a joke – and not a particularly good one at that. Bookkeeping bares the consequences of this mindset. We are convinced of this. We, being Uli Erxleben, Janosch Novak and Stefan Korsch. In 2015, we founded SMACC. SMACC stands for Smart Accounting and the name says it all.

In all companies, financial processes, be it payment settlements, invoicing or liquidity planning, are part of the daily business routine. Twenty years ago, these were done in an analogue and paper-based manner in most businesses, usually with the help of a tax consultant.

We also experienced this. In our former professional positions in established companies and startups, bookkeeping was always a point of friction. Searches for documents, lengthy approval processes and a lack of overview made them prone to error and costly to both nerves and time. Time, which we would rather have invested in operational business activities.

The Accounting Revolution: A Roller Coaster Ride of Feelings

Easy accounting for efficient processes

Thus the idea of SMACC was born. We have developed software and services designed to help companies to be able to keep their ongoing bookkeeping and related financial processes in a digital, efficient and simple manner. To enable this, SMACC combines the possibilities the Cloud offers with modern software and intelligent self-learning algorithms. The result: efficient and transparent processes and usually a daily overview of company finances and liquidity.

A roller coaster of emotions

SMACC’s customers now know that accounting can be both simple and fun. They have left the accounting-related monthly roller coaster ride of feelings behind. As a founding team, we have also experienced the occasional roller coaster ride: to procure the necessary seed capital, to provide customers and good people for the team, to promote the product, to take care of the next financing and to master operational processes – all this is worthwhile hard work. The team and our customer base are growing and we are achieving one technological milestone after the other. We will keep you posted on our blog.

SMACCtastische Grüße

Uli Erxleben, Janosch Novak und Stefan Korsch