Our Customer

Sanubi is a German online company specializing in the provision of elderly care management services. Since it’s foundation the company has grown quickly to more than 20 employees today, supplying thousands of customers on a monthly basis. It is Sanubi’s vision to revolutionize the elderly care management through continues optimization and digitization of processes and services.

The Challenge

Sanubi has to handle thousands of outgoing customer invoices and hundreds of supplier invoices each month. The key challenge however is not the amount of invoices but handling payment streams for outgoing invoices. Payment is done by private clients directly or facilitated through payment service providers specialized in the healthcare market. Often payment for a single invoice is split across various channels making the payment matching the invoice highly complicated.

The Solution

SMACC offered a plug and play solution to manage account receivables and account payables largely automatically. SMACC’s proprietary payment matching engine allows to automatically match invoices to various sources of payment. The account payables functionality allows Sanubi to handle the whole payables workflow digitally and manage supplier payments in a highly efficient manner. Furthermore controlling reports provide valuable insight and data transfer features allow seamless cooperation with Sanubi’s tax advisor.

The Benefits

For the first time, Sanubi has been able to gain real-time insight into payment streams and their accounts receivable while at the same time reducing manual work within Sanubi’s finance department to a minimum. Futhermore SMACC’s controlling functionality provides valuable insight for example into revenues by product groups that Sanubi didn’t have in the past.

"Accounts receivable and payment management is highly complicated at Sanubi due to various payment channels and the involvement of health insurances. SMACC’s payment matching engine has really been a step change. Providing daily transparency and saving thousands of hours of work."

Cristina Koehn, CFO