Our Customer

Movinga is an online marketplace company bringing together moving companies and private customers looking for relocation support. Movinga has been one of the fastest growing online companies in Germany in 2016. The company employs more than 200 people handling thousands of moves on a monthly basis.

The Challenge

As Movinga is a marketplace company it does not only have to handle thousands of outgoing customer invoices each month but also the same amount of supplier invoices coming in from its partner companies across Germany and France. Especially marketplace partner invoices have to be paid out quickly to maintain strong relationships across the network.

The Solution

SMACC offered its customizable account payables solution. It allows Movinga to handle all partner invoices in one platform in a fully digitalized process. SMACC has configured a specialized approval workflow according to the needs of Movinga, allowing to efficiently maintain full compliance before any invoice gets paid out. Additionally, the platform takes care of accounting and payment matching in the background and exports the data into Movinga’s on-premise accounting software.

The Benefits

Movinga not only saves thousands of hours in accounting tasks, it now also has full transparency over it’s partner payables workflow. Wrong payments have been reduced to a minimum while payment speed and partner satisfaction have been increased significantly.

"SMACC allows us to gain full control over our partner payables workflows. We have been able to achieve full compliance in our processes while at the same time increased process speed and reduced manual work."

Gülnar Reich, Head of Finance