Berliner Berg


"We ran into a serious issue with our unpaid accounts receivable. SMACC’s payment matching and accounts receivable management is ingenious."

Robin Weber, Founder & CEO

The Customer

Berliner Berg is a craft beer brewery in Berlin’s hip Neukölln area. The brewery produces small batch craft beer in its local microbrew house as well as large batch beers that are also filled in bottles at an external facility that is rented for the purpose. The company was founded in 2015 and has been experiencing rapid growth with now ten employees.

The Challenge

With its fast growth in Berlin bars and in the city’s famous small owner-managed “Späti” retail stores the customer list quickly grew to a couple of hundred. The business had to manage hundreds of outgoing invoice and accounts receivable every month. The bookkeeping was done by a great 2 days per week office support but she could not keep-up with payment control and organization of all the invoices.

The Solution

SMACC offered a plug and play solution to manage account receivables automatically and organize all invoices from distributors, purveyors, and the bar operations. Payment reminders are sent directly based on the real-time payment matching within the app. The team uses the SMACC scanner to digitize invoices that are by more than 80% paper-based. Data transfer with Berliner Berg’s tax advisors works seamlessly via SMACC’s DATEV export.

The Benefits

The account receivables have been reduced by 60% with highly positive impact on working capital. The office support employee took over account management tasks and supports sales. The remaining bookkeeping work requires less than 2 hours per week to digitize bar receipts and the office cashier.