Simply scan and forward your invoices and receipts to SMACC. Our system uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to extract all relevant data and to do the bookkeeping automatically.



Gain transparency and control over your business with real-time financial data. Automated data processing provides daily insights into your business’s financial performance putting you in control.


Never be late on payments, save money by realizing discounts or reduce your working capital with SMACC's smart payment lists and in-app payment transactions.


High-quality and reliable support through our financial experts.


Financial mastery with SMACC – simple, efficient, and reliable

We offer a comprehensive feature set and personal, professional service to help you master your financial management tasks end-to-end.



Accounts Payable / Receivable Accounting

Our AI and machine learning technology automatically allocates financial accounts to invoices and receipts. All your bookkeeping done instantly without manual data entry.

Payment Matching

SMACC integrates directly with all your banking and payment accounts. Our self-learning algorithms automatically match invoices to the corresponding payment transaction.



Financial Accountants

SMACC combines artificial intelligence with human intelligence and service. Our highly qualified financial professionals support you continuously to ensure quality and service level.

Financial Experts

Our local partners support you with and consult you in financial matters.



Document Management

Digitise your financial documents with SMACC's AI-enabled document management system. We offer a simple and intelligent solution to get paperless and efficient.

Online Payments

All your banking and payment accounts in one smart app. Keep an overview of all your cash positions, use our automated bank accounting and make payments directly within the app.

Bill Approvals

We offer digital invoice approval workflows that can be easily tailored to your company’s needs. Get control over your purchase-to-pay process with best practice digital workflows.



Liquidity Analysis

SMACC's automated invoice processing and direct bank and payments account integration enables comprehensive up-to-date liquidity reports and effective liquidity planning.

Financial Reports

Our AI-enabled invoice processing and bank accounting create up-to-date financial data. Our interactive reports and simple charts provide transparency and control over your business.

Accounts Payable / Receivable Analytics

SMACC automatically aggregates A/R and A/P data from invoices and payment accounts. Manage your open positions and get comprehensive insights into your business relationships.


“I desperately needed a solution for my finance and bookkeeping tasks. My passion is fashion design not paperwork. I wanted someone to just take care of all the admin stuff. Sorting invoices, making payments, checking the bank, and communicating with my CPA. My tax advisor told me about SMACC. Now, I use the software and SMACC's service to manage my finances. The paperwork is done and I get my numbers on a daily basis.”

Buki, Fashion Designer

“Demand from clients for digital solutions to manage accounting and finance tasks constantly increases. In addition, digital business models post new challenges for manual processing of finance data. SMACC offers easy to implement digital workflows for my clients. The automated bookkeeping functionality and rigorous digitization of all financial documents and data reduces also our back office work a lot. The tool provides really good reports and connects all data from invoices, bank accounts, and accounting in a unique way. This is how real digitization feels like.”

Tax Advisor