Financial document understanding with neural networks

SMACC's AI Extractor offers extraction of up to 74 data points and all invoiced item information from financial invoices. Our invoice extraction model is based on deep artificial neural network technology. We continuously train our extraction models with new validated data from currently more than 300’000 different financial invoices.

We offer invoice data extraction services for many use cases including, e.g., automation of accounting and controlling, payment preparation, three-way-matching in purchasing processing, business intelligence and data analysis. Our extraction data is easily accessible through our RESTful API.

In addition to our continuously refined invoice data extraction model we support enterprise clients with custom extraction models for a large variety of document understanding use case in their finance departments.


The SMACC AI Extractor API is a publicly available RESTful HTTP service that can be easily integrated into your application. We support developers with various SDKs.


Our cloud services are hosted in Germany adhering to the highest standards in data security. We provide our API with HTTPS strict transport.


We offer a consistent, high throughput platform for your business. Our API allows you to scale your business without any performance trade-offs.


Get started in a couple of hours, not weeks or months. We offer multiple ERP connectors and a well documented, easy to integrate API.

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