Accounting is fun!

No matter whether you are a freelancer, small agency or mid-sized company, SMACC will take care of your finances. Simple and inexpensive.

Our Mission

We are a young and passionate team with the objective to make financial management as simple and seamless as possible for small and medium-sized businesses. We want to provide your company with more time to focus on things that matter most - your product, your clients, your people - while providing you with much more financial transparency and control.

SMACC employees

We know what we talk about. Our team consists of experienced entrepreneurs who know what it takes to run a business, finance professionals who focus on what really matters, and technology experts who can make things happen magically. We firmly believe that cloud-technology and artificial intelligence paired with a business-focused digital process can lead to a revolution in accounting. That's why we are convinced that financial processes can be fun. Try SMACC and you will know what we are talking about! Our entire team will work dedicatedly to make sure that you won't be able to imagine doing your accounting without SMACC.