Updates Q2 2022

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Updates Q2 2022

Foreign currencies

Foreign currencies are automatically converted into your company currency. For an even better overview of your expenses. The base currency can be configured in the company settings. Next to EURO also other currencies can be saved as base currency.

Reports Accounting

Which documents (or items) were all processed with a particular G/L account? What is the balance of a particular G/L account? No more searching - just a click.

Accounting Rules

One G/L account for all cases? Sure! You can now set a master G/L account in the supplier profile. This G/L account will be used, no matter what tax rate is on the invoice. Keep it simple if it doesn’t have to be complicated

e-Invoicing - ZUGFeRD

Smacc is now “ZUGFeRD” compatible. You can upload these invoices to the tool just like any other. The system recognizes the format automatically and the invoice is not extracted but the electronically delivered data will be used.

Supplier Audit Log

A supplier profile is a collection of data, rules, and important values for payments. Keep in touch with all changes using the Audit Log. Here you can see exactly when which changes were made by which user. You can find the audit log directly in the supplier profile. It’s easy, it’s transparent, it’s safe!

User Profil Audit Log

User role, view permissions and approval group mapping - there can be a lot of things here. Keep an eye on the changes with our new Audit Log

Monthly invoice overview

Analysis of all monthly invoices (example: telephone, software subscriptions) already uploaded.


Creation of an archive statement, contains all documents uploaded to SMACC (PDF) incl. internal document number, document link.

Improvement working with positions (edit mode)

Ability to mark multiple items to either merge them or delete them.