SMACC x Slack integration

Get notified when important things happen

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SMACC x Slack integration

Manage SMACC notifications and tasks in Slack

  • Automatically deleted duplicates: Get live updates when duplicates are detected and deleted
  • Manually deleted documents: Live tracking documents which are manually deleted by users.

Allow your users to work even faster:

  • Notification about new tasks: New task alert! The key message, in the right place. An email notification is quickly lost in correspondence. In Slack, the message is placed perfectly.
  • Invoice approval in Slack: Users get all the information they need to approve the invoice directly or switch to the document with a single click to view all the details.
  • Direct message in SMACC = direct message in Slack: Waiting for replies or overlooking messages - never again. Have your messages from SMACC displayed in Slack. It couldn’t be simpler.

# How to: Connect your account to Slack