Updates Q4 2021

What SMACC did in 2021

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Updates Q4 2021

Follow our latest product announcements and feature updates.

Recipient data-check

  • If the invoice was correctly addressed to you is now automatically checked. The invoice was sent to a private employee address or an old company address - never check manually again, we can handle it for you.

Payment block

  • Set payment blocks if invoices are not to be paid for the time being and simply remove the block again when everything has been clarified

    # How to: Payment block

Rules for Extraction

  • Decide for yourself how you want the invoices of your suppliers to be captured. For some the line items are necessary, for others not - you don’t have to choose one method. Set your own rules.

    # How to: Supplier rules extraction

Different tax types on one document

  • Now even more flexible. Standard tax and reverse charge on one invoice? Rare and yet possible. With SMACC this is not a problem, you can choose a tax handling for each invoice item.

    # How to: Different tax types on one document

Sepa xml - IBAN only

  • Bye-bye BIC! You don’t know the BIC to your supplier’s IBAN? You both have your registered office in Germany? Okay then forget the BIC. For a payment run with sepa xml the BIC is no longer mandatory.


  • Save time with key combinations. Available for Windows and Mac users as well.

    # How to: Shortcuts

Audit Log

  • Tracking of changes, deletions, payments ,exports and activities on the document. Transparent and simple.


  • Each document has a journal, just download it. Whether for the archive or an official audit, here you will find all the important information and activities related to your document. Ordered, easy to read.


  • What about the attachments? Where to put the delivery bill, the order confirmation or the internal communications and lists? Store them where you would look for them first - in SMACC! Each document has a place where you can store everything you might need later.


  • You want to activate the substitution for a certain period of time? Okay, here we go. You don’t know how long the substitution will last? No problem, then set it unlimited. More possibilities, more flexibility, better overview!

Credit notes: Link it!

  • Which invoice does this credit note belong to? Is the credit note for the invoice already in the tool? So many questions, we have the answer! Link your credit notes to the corresponding invoice. No more searching, no more unanswered questions.

New supplier - proposal for free account numbers

  • Creating a new supplier is really easy in SMACC. But which account number should he get? What is the next free account number? Happy to help you! We suggest the supplier account number, no matter if you assign your account numbers consecutively or in an A-Z structure. We have a solution for both procedures.