Which payment run was used to pay this invoice?

You need to know in which payment run the invoice was received and paid? Please proceed as follows:

  • Open the document, area “all data”
  • Open the 3 point menu to the right of the Paid status indicator
  • The last item in the menu is the payment run
  • By clicking on the payment run (example “payment run 25709”) you will be taken directly to the payment run, where you will find all further information.*

No payment run is displayed in the menu If your invoice is marked as paid but you do not see a payment run via the above description, please check the following:

  • Was the invoice manually marked as paid?

    Open again the 3 points menu described above.

If you see “Mark as paid” with an arrow turning to the left, this invoice has been marked as paid manually.

  • Was the invoice automatically marked as paid?

    Open the document and check what the amount in “total due” is. If it says 0.00, the system has automatically marked the invoice as paid.