How to: Set documents status on hold

It can always happen that you can not approve an invoice. Maybe the prices are different as agreed or the delivery was not complete. But how can you manage these invoices? We have created a solution for these problem documents. You can give these invoices an extra status. Transparent for all users.

  1. Open the document

  2. Click on the 3 points menu (below the approval button)

  3. Select: “Send on hold”

  4. Enter a note why you want to put this invoice on hold. This note helps your team to understand why the invoice cannot be approved & is a reminder for you why you could not approve it.

  5. Optional: You can enter a date at “Remove on hold on date”. The invoice will then automatically be listed as an open task again as of this date. If you have set the invoice to the “on hold” status, it will be listed in this category in the main menu on the left. All team members who have view permission for the workflow in which the document is located (workflow remains the same and is not changed by the status on hold!) can still see the document. For them it is also displayed on the left in the category including your note).

    If you want to move the document back into your tasks you can open it and select the 3 points menu again. This time select “remove on hold”.