Keyword driven automation

Combine keywords + OCR and your internal account assignment logics and experience the level of automation you’ve always wanted.

How to use keywords in SMACC

Example: Some of your suppliers add the name of the responsible person in your company to the Invoice recipient block. The invoices of your employee “Max Mustermann” always belong to the cost center Marketing (1000).

Let’s automate it!

  1. Open the company settings (main menu/client)
  2. Select Automation
  3. Click OCR rules
  4. Select + Rule
  5. Select includes among others from the dropdown to the right of “OCR text*
  6. Enter the name of the employee (example: Max Mustermann)
  7. Click ENTER
  8. Select in the dropdown then which value should be filled (example cost center)
  9. Select the value (example cost center 1000 - Marketing)
  10. Click Save


When the name “Max Mustermann” is found on a document, the Cost Center field is now automatically populated with Marketing - 1000. You don’t have to enter this manually anymore, you don’t have to enter these rules manually for each vendor.

Don’t worry: If the name is not in the Invoice recipient block but in another place, this automation will still work. So you don’t have to ask your suppliers individually to write the name in the address block. The only thing that is important now is that it is written in a way that OCR can recognize (capture) it.