In correction: Manual postprocessing of documents

You uploaded an invoice and it couldn’t extract everything? You get error messages when saving after manually editing documents? No problem, here is how you can make corrections or fix errors in a few clicks:

Selection Mode

The Selction mode makes it easier for you to add and change data. To activate it, click on the pencil in the top menu on the preview page. The view will change and you will see green boxes on the document preview.

Direct selection on the document

Click on a value on the invoice, for example, the invoice number. Now a dropdown opens. The dropdown contains all data fields that can be extracted from an invoice document.

By the green check mark you can see if the value has already been found. You can also search for the value you want to add.

Select the value from the dropdown list.

The selected value of the invoice is now included in the selected data field in the overview on the right side.

Note: You can also select whole texts and have them inserted as values.

Tip: If you click on a value in the overview of data fields, the document preview will show you where the value was found (red marking)

Position values

If your invoice has been extracted positionally and information like tax rate is missing, you can easily add it:

Scroll down to the “Invoice positions” section where you will find a tax rate dropdown for each position. Select the correct tax rate.

Tip: You can use the arrow after the first entry to fill all other positions with this tax rate.

Note: The SMACC tool will recalculate the invoice for you to check if your supplier has a calculation error. If you get the error that the totals of the positions do not match the total values, it is up to the calculation. Check again exactly all data.