How to: Prioritize an invoice

Some tasks are simply more important than others. There can be many reasons why an invoice needs to be prioritized. Often it’s a matter of invoices that have to be paid in the short term, but also deadlines for a monthly closing can be the reason.
No problem, just tell your users what they should focus on. Or share with your colleagues that you need an urgent and short term approval.

Mark a single invoice as important/ Prioritize a single invoice

  1. Open the Invoice
  2. Click on the red flag (Menu above image preview)

Quickly and easily mark multiple invoices as important/ prioritize multiple invoices

  1. Open the overview of all documents
  2. Click on the red flag for each invoice that is important

Note: Invoices that have been prioritized/marked as important are displayed at the top of the task lists of the responsible users.

The invoices marked as important are displayed at the top of the overview.
The marking is visible for all users who have viewing rights for this invoice.