How to: Document cancellation

Already exported documents can now be canceled. This way you can ensure an identical data base with your accounting system and transparently equalize already given approvals and exports.

Note: You can only cancel documents that are already marked as exported.

After the cancellation, the document is displayed in SMACC with an amount of 0.00 Possible scenarios for cancel documents: Invoice incorrect, but no credit note is generated by the sender. Invoice was uploaded in the wrong client. Invoice needs to be reprocessed for other reasons and to prevent double posting this document needs to be set to 0.00. How to cancel a document:

  1. open the document
  2. click on the 3 points menu
  3. select “mark cancellation

Manual export

  1. Create an export and select the document. The amount of the document is negative, so the posting for the document will total 0.00.


  1. The document will be automatically exported and transferred to your accounting software. The amount of the document is negative, so the accounting entries for the document will be 0.00 in total.