Custom fields

Using individually configurable fields, the SMACC tool offers enormous flexibility. As a user, you can manage common data sets such as cost centers within the individual fields function, or create internal company data fields. Individual fields can be created on document level as well as on accounting record level. There is the possibility to store fixed values, which can be selected in the document in the form of a dropdown, or to create a free text field in which users can make entries.

Note: If these values should be included in the data transfer, this should be coordinated with your accounting software beforehand. In addition, the values should be maintained in both systems if there is no direct connection.

Most common use: Cost Centers, Cost Objects, Dimensions, Project Numbers, Department, Country, Customer, Purchase order numbers (P.O. Number)

Document custom fields vs. Accounting record custom fields

Custom fields on document level is useful when it is assumed that the value always refers to the whole document. User-defined fields on accounting record level is useful when it is assumed that the value does not refer to the whole document but different/multiple values must be specified for each item or accounting record.

Add a Custom fields

  1. Open the company settings (main menu/Custom fields).

  2. Select Customfields

  3. Click + Field Document custom fields or + Field Accounting record custom fields

  4. Insert Label (name displayed in user interface), Export name (name for data exchange) & Internal name (header name in data exchange document)

  5. Click + Option

  6. Insert Label (Name of the value) and Value

  7. Click Save

    Example 1: Selection: Accounting record custom fields

    Label: Cost Center
    Export name: KOST1 - Kostenstelle
    Internal name: kost1
    Label: HR; Value 100
    Label: Sales; Value 200
    Label: Overhead; Value 500

    Example 2: Selection: Document custom fields

    Label: Description
    Export name: Description1
    Internal name: Desc1

    No specification, field can be written freely.
    Use case: User can add a short description to the invoice, what the costs are about