Payment run

A payment run includes all invoices to be paid by bank transfer.
A workflow can also be defined for payment runs to allow payments to be made safely in addition to invoices. Invoices to be transferred which have been paid with a payment run are marked as paid in the SMACC tool. This guarantees a live overview of the outstanding liabilities.

Note: SMACC can identify payment methods on the invoice and prepare the payment run.
If there is a payment indication on the invoice, for example by credit card, direct debit or online payment service, the invoice will automatically be marked as paid and will not be offered to you for a payment run to prevent double payments.

Create payment run

  1. Open the Payment Run menu (main menu/payment run).

  2. Select All Liabilities

  3. All open payables will be listed, select the invoices to be paid now.
    Icon Clock: This invoice is now due or even already overdue.
    Cross symbol: This invoice cannot be included in a payment run. Possible reasons: Invoice is not yet approved or essential information such as bank details is missing.

  4. Click New Payment Run

  5. Check the “Bank account” specification. This is your bank account which will be used for the payments. If you have saved more than one bank account, you can change the account.

  6. Click Send to approval

  7. The approval process for payment runs starts.

Note: In the view from step 5 it is possible to change the payment amount if you want to make a partial payment.

Note: If you want to have credit notes offset against invoices, the selection grouped payment run must be activated in step 5.