Booking periods

In SMACC you can manage your accounting periods. You can specify the interval (month, quarter, year), You can close periods automatically or close them manually. You can also reopen the periods if you forget something.

  1. Open the company settings (main menu/client).
  2. Select Booking periods
  3. Click Add & select a booking year
  4. Select an interval
  5. Select whether the invoice date or the delivery date is decisive in the assignment of the period.
  6. You can now set a closing date for each month/quarter. If you don’t enter a date, the period will stay open until you close it manually.
  7. Click Save

Annual financial statement This specification determines how long invoices may still be processed for this year. If all periods of the year are closed, but the “Annual financial statement” is still open - all invoices of the year are stored in a posting export, which you can use for your annual financial statement (often called 13th period).

What about closing an booking period? Booking periods are relevant for data exchange.


You have closed the posting period September on 09.10.2021. In your accounting software, September is also closed. Now you want to create a new data export in SMACC, but in this data export there are still some invoices from September.

The September invoices will now be entered directly into the next open period, October.